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Who knows this grape? And yet it is, after Corvina, the most representative red native of Veneto. However, here it is the eastern part of the region, the hills overlooking the Alps give way to the Piave plain which descends towards the Venetian lagoon. In an area where it always rains and where the soil is alluvial, what was needed was a rustic and resistant vine. The Raboso. Tenacious, concentrated, incredibly late in ripening. It gives pure, acidic wines, with rough, long-lived tannins and satisfaction for those looking for pure terroir. The wines of the Sacro Fiume? They won’t let you down!

It expresses itself very well as a dry red wine in Piave DOC, where the Malanotte DOCG cru has been dedicated to it, which prescribes the blend of fresh grapes and grapes for drying, with aging in wood: the result is a softer and more enveloping wine compared to the classic one, which instead, although left to rest in barrels, hits the taste buds for acidity and tannin. Excellent also as a passito, a version that indeed enhances its hardness in a magical combination with sweetness. It is also cultivated in the Bagnoli area, in the plains south of the Euganean Hills, where it is called friularo and gives life to the Bagnoli Friularo DOCG.

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