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Marimar Estate

The Marimar Estate winery is located in the Californian hills of the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast, where the Torres family alighted in 1975 with the aim of opening up new horizons and expanding even further its huge legacy in wine production. Since then, Marimar Torres, from the fourth generation of the family, has directed operations in the winery and in the two vineyards belonging to the estate: Don Miguel, 24 ha with vineyards of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so called in honour of her late father; and Doña Margarita, 8 ha comprising vineyards of the Pinot Noir variety, named in honour of the family's matriarch.

With a capacity for 15,000 cases, the winery is located on top of a hill and its vineyards successfully replicate traditional Mediterranean viticulture such as the vertical training of vines and a plantation layout of 5,000 plants per ha (more than four times the conventional planting framework in California). Since 2003 the whole vineyard area has been cultivated organically with the intention of reaching the ideal balance between plants and Nature, and attaining grapes of the highest quality. The winery is presently also considering the application of biodynamic principles in vine growing, and has succeeded in reflecting the terroir's characteristics in its wines.

Apart from Marimar Estate, the Torres group owns other wineries such as Miguel Torres Chile and the emblematic Jean Leon.

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