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Maldivinas came into being in 2006, arising from the passion for wine felt by Guillermo Fernández and Carlos Arenas. The winery is to be found at Cebreros (Ávila), an area well-known for its wine-making tradition. They own 3 parcels outright, 1 transferred to them and another which they manage. There they grow the indigenous grape Garnacha, on slate and granite soils, at an altitude of over 800 metres. The vines range in age between 20 and over 85 years old.

At Maldivinas they believe that the origin of all good wine starts in the ground, and they are therefore fully committed to the environment. They treat the soil naturally, without using any kind of chemicals.

Their aim is to extract from the terroir its particular aromas and flavours, which are then reflected in the wine, enabling recognition of its source and feelings of pride in its origin. They maintain that “The Garnacha gives rise to wines that are vigorous, full-bodied, with meatiness and fruitiness, very aromatic, yet elegant at the same time. They release aromas of jammy fruit and spices. They are good at ageing well when you consider what the grape is made of. We like what it gives and we want to share this experience.”

Wines from Maldivinas

La Movida Pizarra 2013



La Movida Canalla 2013



La Movida 2011



La Movida Granito 2014



La Movida Laderas 2011