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Isaac Cantalapiedra

Manuel Cantalapiedra, son of Isaac Cantalapiedra, works as the oenologist for the family winery in La Seca (Valladolid). It was founded back in 1949 when Heliodoro, the grandfather, first planted his own vineyard. Ever since then, the passion for the land and organic agriculture expressed by generations of the family, have led to the production of wines with an unusual level of expressiveness for this region. Wines which express much more than the Verdejo grapes usually do, or other wines from this area. Family and plot wines, made with Verdejo from a lively terroir of pebble-strewn chalky soils. So unique are they, that some people have said they do not taste like a Verdejo wine - but actually they do, showing the grape in its pure state and creating a kind of wine which may have led the way for the new style of white wines produced in the region.

  • Own vineyards:21
  • EnologistManuel Cantalapiedra

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