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Wines from Bodegas Luzón

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Wines from Bodegas Luzón

Although established as such in the year 2000, Bodegas Luzón's origins stem from the union of a succession of Jumilla vine growers since 1916. After the Grupo Fuertes became involved in 2005, they started making significant investments and installing the most advanced equipment in the winery, thereby showing a commitment for the future and for quality. Owning 500 hectares of vineyards and enjoying a team as a workforce that includes land experts, lab technicians, oenologists and cellar specialists with considerable experience, the winery continues to reap the best from its past and produce wines with a distinct personality.

The Bodegas Luzón wines are the product of the variety (mainly the indigenous Monastrell), the soil, the climate, and a well-coordinated vinification and ageing process that succeed in expressing the Jumilla landscape. Refinement and powerfulness combine in differing proportions right the way through the house's wine catalogue, catering for a wide range of preferences and offering excellent value for money.

  • Year founded1978