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Bodegas Lobecasope

Bodegas LobecasopeBodegas Lobecasope

Bodegas Lobecasope arose out of a dream shared by six friends, all passionate about the land, vineyards and wine, who wanted to create a wine that was different and had personality. Based in Cuerva (Toledo), they own 6.5 hectares of vineyards spread out among the municipal districts of Cuerva and San Pablo de los Montes, with plot ages ranging between 26 and 55 years old, and planted with Garnacha vines which they have recovered.

They practise organic farming, with the utmost respect for nature, and do not apply chemical products, since any treatments carried out are biodynamic.

As products of their enthusiasm and hard work, we currently offer their Crianza, Ziries, and their young red wine with some ageing, Navalegua.

Products from Bodegas Lobecasope

Ziries 2011


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Navalegua 2012


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