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Giba Carignano del Sulcis Giba 2018

Giba Carignano del Sulcis Giba


Giba is an authentic Carignan wine from Sulcis, a wonderful single-variety produced by the hard work...

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/ 0.75 L btl

Giba Carignano del Sulcis Giba 2018


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0.75 L - 2018


Giba is an authentic Carignan wine from Sulcis, a wonderful single-variety produced by the hard work of a group of friends determined to preserve the winemaking traditions of this region in the south of Sardinia. Vines dig deep in the sandy soils in search of sustenance. And thanks to these sandy soils, impenetrable for the phylloxera, the vines have never needed grafting.

Carignan is undoubtedly the star grape here and utmost care is taken to ensure it shines. Although the vines are quite young (between 10 and 25 years old), carrying out most of the winemaking process in stainless steel (except for 15% of the wine which ferments in wood) delivers a young and agile red wine. Three months standing in the bottle before being released onto the market ensures this youthfulness is not aggressive. It has a ruby-red colour with violet hints, and an intensely fruity nose, highlighting red berries, cherries, and even a discrete hint of pepper. It is quite a strong and balsamic (bay leaves and eucalyptus) wine with pleasant and velvety tannins, and a splendid balance of a juicy body and lively acidity. A tasty wine with a pleasant and comforting feel thanks to its south and south-west facing vines and a dry yet lively finish as expected from a Carignan wine made in Sulcis.

Giba's natural character makes it an extremely versatile wine at meal times; ideal for serving cool (around 14º) with lighter dishes, or with richer dishes of meat or pasta if served at 16º and allowed to stand in the glass.


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

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by: Costa (06/12/2020) - Vintage 2018

Fantastico vino de Cerdeña

Como somos de Cerdeña ya conociamos este vino y nos ecanta. Es una maravilla que se pueda encontrar en España. El servicio de entrega de Vinissimus ha sido impecable, excelente. Ya compramos dos veces y seguiremos haciendolo.

by: Daniele Siddi (23 Apr) - Vintage 2017


Un vino del Sulcis, se deja beber. Acompaña un domingo.

by: claude Rivest (21/08/2018) - Vintage 2016


un vin du sud de l'Italie qui fond littéralement dans la bouche. Vin suave et de velour, il se boit avec beaucoup de plaisir autant pour le nez que pour la bouche.

by: Rod (04/06/2018) - Vintage 2016


Its tannins are quite high lacking of harmony and softness. But it still keeps interesting freshness coming from acidity and fruity flavors