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Wine from Pla i Llevant

This Majorcan DO is one of the most recently established in the country, although there is evidence that vine-growing has existed there since Roman times, making the most of the favourable climatic and soil conditions found in this part of the island. Despite the DO's new creation, the potential of these wines has received early recognition and their quality has already been appreciated, with a niche firmly secured in the market, especially with regard to exports.

The grape that best expresses the land's Mediterranean character is the native Callet variety, and when this is mixed with the French varieties, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, it produces fresh, rounded, structured reds with a lot of personality. Also worth a mention are blends made with the indigenous red Mantonegro grape. As regards white wines, the local grape par excellence is the Premsal Blanc which is usually blended with other varieties such as Chardonnay, giving rise to immensely fresh, fruit-forward, elegant wines.

Situated in the east of Mallorca, this small DO extends along the island's southerly plain. Gentle undulations of soils with limestone rock and a chalky-clay consistency prevail, providing excellent land for drainage during the rainy season. The climate is undoubtedly Mediterranean and in summer the refreshing sea breezes help to moderate the ravaging heat of the Balearic sun.

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