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The Agro Pontino is the southernmost coastal area of Lazio. Facing Campania, and extending over the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south of Mount Circeo. Once marshy, the area was reclaimed in 1932. Today, a very precious winery, the Cantine Sant'Andrea, operates there. It is to the Pandolfo family, who cultivates these lands with absolute dedication, that we owe a part of the wine history of this area. Soils rich in humus, very fertile, on paper not that good for quality wine. And yet the Pandolfos produce some Circeo DOC, both red and white, of amazing mineral aroma, enveloping and dense on the palate. And a Moscato di Terracina, as dry as it is sweet and passito (but iodised, saline, fantastically balanced), which cannot be missing in the connoisseur's booty.

Wine from Circeo