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Moscato rosa

According to some, Moscato rosa (pink Muscat), a biotype of moscato rosso perhaps deriving from Greece, arrived in Alto Adige, where it has its home today, thanks to Enrico di Campofranco of the Bourbon family, who transported it from Sicily to the South Tyrolean Alps. According to others, it has Balkan origins and arrived in Italy from Istria and Dalmatia. A vine of poor yield, it expresses itself with great elegance, although very simple, especially after late harvesting or withering in drying sheds. It gives a generally light ruby wine, with notes of rose (to which it probably owes its name), strawberry and jammy cherry, but also mineral, aromatic herbs and undergrowth. On the palate it is sweet but not overflowing with structure, elegant and harmonious, with good persistence.

Moscato rosa Wine

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