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Magliocco is the typical red grape of the Cosenza area and, after the gaglioppo, the most characteristic of all of Calabria. For many years, in the vineyard it was difficult to recognise it not only from the same gaglioppo - they were usually vinified together - but also from other minor red grapes that some consider to be part of the same family: guarnaccia, lacrima, greco nero, mantonico nero and others. Of ancient Greek origin, the magliocco, unlike gaglioppo, gives concentrated wines, of great polyphenolic richness, soft and suited for ageing. However, just as they retain a certain richness and olfactory complexity, with notes of incense and wild berries, so too, on the palate, they express at the same time freshness and minerality, of good sapidity. In its more aristocratic versions, it is vinified as a single variety with ageing in wood.

Magliocco Wine

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