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Biancolella can be considered one of the best white grapes in Italy. Native to the island of Ischia, in the Campania archipelago opposite Naples, it benefits from the same morphological carat as the Campi Flegrei: fully volcanic soils, therefore, sometimes in the best crus like Frassitelli, on the high ground, interspersed with green, extremely mineral, rocky emersions. Poorly productive and late, biancolella apparently has Greek origins, but probably comes more directly from Corsica, where it is called petite blanche. Between the lava flows and the green tuff of Mount Epomeo, biancolella is cultivated on ancient dry-stone walls, and harvested with the help of monorails as per the text book on heroic viticulture. With sometimes centuries-old plants that reach and exceed 500 metres above sea level, biancolella gives straw-yellow wines with golden reflections as it evolves. The fragrance is fruity and Mediterranean, with fruity, citrus notes of aromatic herbs, dried fruit and spicy hints. On the palate it is an explosion, in addition to freshness, an iodine sapidity that clearly evokes climate and terroir. It goes very well with seafood cuisine: excellent with fish- or cockle-based first courses, it is also perfect with seafood, shellfish, anchovies and fish, including certain important ones. Try it also with buffalo mozzarella, but especially with Ischian-style rabbit.

Biancolella wines