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Italvinus March 2020

Cà dei Frati, Lugana. Always.

2019 marks the return to increasingly rare freshness

Cà dei Frati Lugana I Frati 2019
Cà dei Frati Rosa dei Frati 2019

After some resolutely hot years, 2019 benefited from a regular, ventilated and not torrid seasonal trend. Excellent temperature variations and a relatively cool climate have produced an elegant, tense and vertical Lugana as we haven't seen for years. For lovers of the "real" Lugana, straight and cutting, savoury and long-lived, this vintage is now a rare pearl in the general rise in average temperatures. So, lovers of fresh and memorable drinks, stock up now and don’t come to the party late!

A vintage for lovers of the "real" Lugana


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