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Slate tracks

Slate tracks
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Slate soils are very poor in organic material and they are often found in high mountainous areas. Yields from these lands are normally low, round about 3,000 to 4,000 kg/ha, since the vines suffer as their roots try to find water.

Wines obtained from slate soils usually have a high alcohol content, among other factors thanks to the heat accumulated by the black shards during the day, but they are also intensely mineral and have moderate acidity. It proves relatively easy to obtain wines rich in tannins, colour and volume, but rather more complicated teaming up this powerfulness with the elegance found in the great wines. In Slate tracks, you'll find precisely that, six wines which, despite the remoteness of their vineyards of origin, pair up powerfulness and elegance to perfection, from the Priorat and the Catalan Empordà, moving through the Bierzo's floralness and the power of Castile y León to conclude with the Mosel's pervading sweetness.


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