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Amarone vs Primitivo (I)

Amarone vs Primitivo (I)


Are you looking for soft, velvety, full-bodied wines and, obviously, red, red, very red? Concentrated, chewy, robust and muscular wines? With intense, broad aromas and persistent drinkability? In Italy there is no doubt: Amarone and Primitivo are right up your alley. Ready to drink immediately, soft and persuasive, these two wines will transport you to the height of the Italian climate and traditions.

Velvety tannins and never-ending fruit. The first, Amarone, is produced in Veneto by vinifying dry the must of previously dried grapes. Wealth that naturally becomes opulence. The second, Primitivo, comes from Puglia. Yes, where the arid wind and the August sun bring the grapes to a kind of natural over-ripening in the vineyard. The result? Wines to accompany you in all types of dinner, especially the most elaborate ones, and in all the post-dinners, as good meditation partners.