November 2019 Selection

A different Ribera del Duero

November 2019 Selection

Milú 2018 (2 bottles)
Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada 2016 (2 bottles)
Trus Roble 2018 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

When we think of Ribera del Duero red wines, we imagine high-altitude vineyards planted in chalky-clay soils, whose grapes ripen perfectly with the growth pattern the huge day-night temperature differences bring about. Many winemakers used this magnificent fruit to follow the rest of producers and create the kind of wines which brought fame and fortune to Ribera reds — the magic formula of ripe grapes and sweet aromas of wood. The popularity of this style of wine was such that, according to some wine-lovers, they pushed aside every other possibility of different styles such as the possibility of wines focused on the aromas of the grape variety itself or the characteristics of the terroir in question. When we taste a wine from Peñafiel or Valbuena nowadays we take it for granted that it will have the typical aromas of red fruit jam, hints of vanilla, and a discrete acidity as everyone knows that these are the real flavours of Ribera wines. But are they? Recently a growing number of wine producers have asked this very same question.

This month's selection of three wines seem like they are destined to answer the question and demonstrate that the true aromas of Ribera del Duero differ from the ones that became so popular and dominate our image of this region. Fresh fruit is the star in all three of our selection, while wood stays in the background. Fluid wines with tannins mainly coming from the grapes, and a scent of soil and flowers; wines which fill the mouth and effortlessly seduce the palate. Are the more famous ripe and wooden aromas really the aromas of Ribera, or are these fresh flavours the true ones? Which kind of wine would elderly locals recognize as being their wine? The answer, or answers, lie in the glass and taste buds of everyone who tries these wines but what is definitely clear is that there is another side to Ribera wines waiting for you.

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Milú 2018 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Quinta Milú Ribera del Duero, Spain Tempranillo

Bottle: 8.06 € club members / 9.50 € non-members

Germán R. Blanco's personal project in Ribera del Duero, Quinta Milú, surprised everyone as soon as the first vintage appeared. While still maintaining the historic Ribera character, they seem to be in a different category where the grapes are the star. Only the most essential interventions are carried out in the winemaking process, ensuring Milú is a wine where the fruit does the talking, not the wood. Different with every vintage, it is a wine of tradition in that it has been created to recover long-lost traditional flavours. An easy-going wine whose purpose is simply to be drunk and enjoyed.

The winery defines the wine as 100% fermented grape juice using artisanal methods. Its Tempranillo grapes are grown at 900 metres above sea level in chalky-clay soils in the town of La Aguilera in Burgos. The 50-year-old vines are bush-trained and not irrigated so as to obtain a much more concentrated fruit. Grapes are hand-collected on different days to ensure each grape is perfectly ripe. The wine is aged in used wood barrels which are often very large. Local yeasts and a minimal addition of sulphites just before bottling, also help to understand how the non-intervention process produces a wine which is truly special.

It has a sharp and honest nose, with aromas of cherry and undergrowth. Characterful in the mouth, it combines a virtually wild acidity with abundant and mature tannins. The ever-present fruit reminds us of the crispy grape skins and feel of the soil. Violets and subtle vegetal hints embellish the red fruit aromas captured at their peak ripeness. All this, topped off with a saline and flavoursome finish. It may be the most modest wine from this winery, but it's marking the way for any others who aim to express a clear image of the different Ribera terroirs.

Vegetable salads / Iberian pork secreto / cold meats

  • Alcohol content: 13,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 14ºC and 16ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2021.

Milú 2018
Front and back

Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada 2016 (2 bottles)

Red Crianza. Bodegas Resalte de Peñafiel Ribera del Duero, Spain Tempranillo

Bottle: 10.02 € club members / 11.80 € non-members

The Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada is the freshest and most original wine from the Resalte winery in Peñafiel. A red, delicately smooth wine with traditional aromas. Far from being a simple wine, though, it offers a renewed version of a true classic.

It is always made with grapes from the same plots, choosing the most subtle and fresh ones from the winery's vineyards. This splendid fruit brings silky tannins and floral aromas to the wine as the label itself testifies. At altitudes of 1,000 metres, the highest in the Ribera appellation, the chalky soil and significant temperature differences between day and night on the moorlands of Manzanillo, Fompedraza, and Torre de Peñafiel are to thank for the irresistible aromas of the Vendimia Seleccionada.

The winery uses a gravity-fed process and the must is fermented at low temperatures to achieve the wine's silky feel and extract the essence of primary aromas. Large 500-litre barrels are used to round off the wine while ensuring the wood does not become too noticeable in the final result. Finally, in the glass, we find a light wine, which doesn't cling to the gums but neither does it leave our cheeks unmoved as it covers them with the pleasant and seductive feel of blackberries and ripe red currants. The longer it is in the glass, the more aromas appear — hints of cocoa, cigars, cherries, strawberry coulis, and sarsaparilla. Its complexity is such that every smell brings with it a new aroma. To sum up, it tastes and smells like vineyards. A simply-made wine which allows the soil and its fruit to express themselves, reminding us of the wines our parents and grandparents enjoyed on a daily basis, a reflection of the Ribera of the past before globalization and the huge boom in popularity of its red wines.

Wild mushrooms / roast potatoes / game birds

  • Wine Tasting Notes:
    • Colour
      Picota cherry red / bluish glints / violet glints / opaque / clean / bright
    • Bouquet
      Complex / higly aromatic / fruit aromas / ripe black fruit / fine woods
    • Palate
      Rich / fresh / balanced / flavoursome / persistent
  • Alcohol content: 14,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 14ºC and 16ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2021.

Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada 2016
Front and back

Trus Roble 2018 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Bodegas Trus Ribera del Duero, Spain Tempranillo

Bottle: 8.07 € club members / 9.50 € non-members

The Trus Roble is a wine of exhilarating fruit. All the hard work and effort put in by its oenologist, Rafael García, are aimed at preserving the basic primary emotions of an excellent fruit collected from vines growing in clay loam soil with a low content of limestone.

Although it is made using the youngest vines the winery have, the Trus Roble benefits from the fact that they are north-facing and the cooler weather adds to the usual character of continental climate vines growing at altitudes. The amount of fruit on each plant is also controlled to ensure each grape contains the maximum concentration of flavour. A short and careful maceration process of only ten days produces a wine with a young character; a wine with body but agile on the palate, a juicy wine without excessive tannins and with its own personality.

Trus Roble has a deep and bright cherry colour, and a nose of mandarin peel and violet petals which define its elegance, light complexity and natural balance. Its aromas remind us of the great Montsant wines but its smoothness and extremely tender mouth express its Tempranillo grapes and the essence of Ribera del Duero. An airy wine with diffused tannins, each sip is delightfully pleasant and surprising. Its four months in wood merely adds hints of spices, such as vanilla, and discrete smoke to the round, fresh, and juicy fruit which is the true star of the wine. A very moreish wine, it is also virtually impossible to give up smelling and enjoying its aromas.

Served at a moderate temperature to bolster its flowery and ethereal character, it’s an ideal wine to accompany mild-flavoured dishes.

Duck a l'orange / semi-cured cheeses / breaded lamb chops

  • Alcohol content: 14,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: 14ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2020.

Trus Roble 2018
Front and back

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